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Film in DR

Focus on your creative vision, while we streamline your production journey. Get access to a wealth of expertise and experience designed to make productions more efficient and hassle-free.


Dominican Republic absorbs the intrinsic vitality of a Caribbean Region that has served as an intersection of multiculturalism and commerce, and reciprocates this energy by owning its role of place and location as the ideal convergence ground for vibrant narratives.



Breathtaking sceneries, tropical jungles, extensives beaches, multidisciplinary talent and state of the art facilities are only some of the reasons why you should bring your production to the Dominican Republic.


With 48,448 square kms we hold one of the most diverse ecosystems of the Caribbean region.  With a driving range of less than 3 hours you can go from sandy beaches (different colors), to immersive forest greens all around.  The country holds a coastline of approximately 1,000 miles total decorated with multi colored hues, and is also supported by great mountain ranges with rivers, waterfalls, landscapes and national parks.

We are your partners in finding the ideal location for your next project.



The natural or legal personas who produce Dominican or foreign cinematographic and audiovisual works in the Dominican territory, may benefit from a tax credit equivalent to twenty five percent (25%) of all expenditures incurred in the Dominican Republic.


Such credit may be used against the annual Income Tax declarations or transferred in favor of another natural or legal person for the same purposes.

If you want to learn more about the incentives:  PDF DOMINICAN REPUBLIC FILM INCENTIVES .

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