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Dominican Republic

Receive the complete guide to filming in Dominican Republic

Welcome to paradise

Mare is a  production company that provides production services to the media, tv and film industries. Focused on catering, guiding and co producing multi-platform content in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. 

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Apply for a transferable tax credit incentive or co produce. 


Everything you need to know about filming in the DR.


Our region's best qualities, diversity & climate. 


Film producers may benefit from a Transferable Tax Credit equal to 25% of all expenses incurred in the Dominican Republic that are directly related to  the pre-production, production& post-production of their films.  The credit may be transferred in favor of one or several Dominican taxpayers.

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Film incentive DR

Application Requirements

  • Lesgislation law 108-10 for the fostering of film activity in the DR.

  • Registration required w/a Dominican production partner.

  • Minimum spend of USD $500K.

  • Audit required.

  • Available for feature films, documentaries, tv series & mini series, music videos. 


Must be incurred by Dominican tax

payers. Foreign producers should:

A) Engage the services of a local

production agency that is registered with the Film Commission, or

B)  Form a company in the DR; obtain a mercantile registry, a national tax payer registration and register asa production agency with the Film Commission.

Shooting permit

Mandatory shooting permit is issued by the Film Commission.

Foreign producers must write a letter addressed to the film commissioner of the Dominican Republic requesting the SP and expressing their intention to apply for the transferable tax credit. 

Qualified labor

Foreign productions must comply with the minimum Dominican personnel requirements.

The Film commission has the ability to adjust this percentage as deemed necessary.



With a fast growing film industry developing over the past decade, the DR has become the ultimate film destination with top tier crew and world class facilities.

Filming in DR

Studios & Water tank

Pinewood studios facilities: One 60,500 sq.ft. exterior water Tank. 

Three soundstages:
1x 21,000 SQ FT.

2x 16,000 SW FT. 

Multiple studios in Santo Domingo City. 

All studios are available for rent. 

Film Commission office & Permits

The DR Film Commission ensures that producers can access the best possible expedited services to facilitate all aspects of their specific production. 


There is a national film permit to be issued applicable to specific productions. Locations permits are also to be considered when shooting in the DR. Be sure to apply on time for your production. 

Artists & Technical Crew

A complete database of certified

crew, artists & technicians and high quality production services

is just the minimum the Dominican Republic has to offer. 

Because our industry has grown over the past years, this has allowed our technical crew to grow and develop their skills by working hand in hand with professionals from around the world.

Equipment availability & entry 

We have access to the latest technical gear.


With a wide range of vendors for cameras, grip and electric equipment, the Dominican Republic also offers temporary equipment entry applicable to projects under the law incentive. 

Industry overview
Projects produced in the Dominican Republic

Our country has become the canvas for multi genre productions. The film incentive has allowed the industry to grow national and internationally. 


Independent films have found benefits in filming under the article 34 of the law for fostering film activity in the DR, allowing directors and producers to develop their films through co-productions where local partners can raise funds with Dominican companies that have a incentive to invest up to 25% of their annual tax payment.

Co productions such as 
Pepe directed by Nelson Carlo de los Santos, Official 74th Berlinale competition selection, have been co produced under the law incentive for national productions. 

​The law incentive has allowed feature films to be produced and filmed in the DR.  Some of these productions have been If Beale street could talk directed by Barry Jenkins, The Godfather II by Francis Ford Coppola, Old, by director M. Night Shyamalan for UNIVERSAL. NYAD by director Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chi with Annette Bening, Jodie Foster for NETFLIX. The Killer by David Fincher with Michael Fassbender for NETFLIX.

A wide range of brands have seized the opportunity in the DR and have produced commercial campaigns in the island.  Productions from brands like Sunwing airlines, Bulova, Jameson whisky, Apple Music, Google, Bacardi, among others.

Series have been developed thanks to our location diversity. Some series are The I-Land for Netflix, Survivor for Greece, Mexico, Brazil, Rumania & Turkey, Tropical Cop Tales for Adult Swim, The Long Song


About our country

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Tropical weather all year long.

Dry season from Jan to June/July


High precipitation from July to Nov.

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Within its 48,000 km2 Dominican Republic holds one of the most diverse microclimates of the region.


Find lush forests, Caribbean beaches, mountain ranges, natural resources and an impressive array of landscapes and scenery. 

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Because of its strategic geographic location, the Dominican Republic is well connected to Europe, North, Central and South America meaning colaborators and clients can be just one plane ride away in any coast of the island.


With seven international airports distributed on its north, east, south and central points, DR remains easily connected and accessible.  

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1 Dollar = 55-58 Dominican peso (depending on Banks and exchange rates)

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