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HBO's Bunker series as seen by its director of photography, Julio Llorente

Bunker is one of HBO Max's selections from a broad range of high-quality Latin American original content.

The inspiration behind the show came from the fusion between ‘Wild Tales’ an Argentinian film directed by Damián Szifron and Snatch directed by Guy Ritchie.

This Mexican dark comedy revolves around apocalyptic ideas, kidnappings, violence, and an excessive search for patriarchy.

Julio Llorente worked as the director of photography and shared some insights into the making.

To achieve the atmosphere for each setting and its narrative, Julio shot with a Mini LF and Canon FD “to exploit the texture of vintage lenses and their incredible angles.”

He also touched on how the usage of the Steadicam and Cranes helped them accomplish the idiosyncratic language and a unique atmosphere.

Julio was born in Madrid in 1985, he graduated in “Audiovisual Communication” from Charles III University of Madrid. So far he has photographed over 20 shorts and feature-length movies that have won international film festivals around the world. Currently, he’s working in the LATAM and Spanish markets.

To see more on how Julio brought a scent of truth and nuances to this story, every episode of the original series is available to stream now on HBO Max.


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