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Your production partner in paradise.

As a production services company, we accommodate foreign film productions in the Dominican Republic. All-around production service, including accounting and legal services. We partner with your team to offer support in all the meticulous details of a production:

- Budgeting and Scheduling:

One of our compromises is having key partners such as vendors and technical crew to maintain a healthy balance in every project's budget. Throughout the years we have crafted relationships with the best of the industry, benefiting directly our clients.

- Location Scouting:

Just when you think you have seen everything, there are new places to be discovered. By intentionally looking through our vast gallery of hidden gems, we can guarantee fresh scenery for your next project.

- Transportation & Accommodation:

Under our guidance, you and your crew will be taken care of 24/7.

- National Film Commission Paperwork Handling.

Your project may be eligible for up to 25% tax back incentive. We have full knowledge of the law, we can guide you through it.

- Custom & Temporary Equipment Entry in the DR

If your project qualifies, you may be eligible for a custom exception in the temporary entry of equipment required for filming.

- Casting and Talent Bookings

We provide a roster of multidisciplinary talent: Directors, Cinematographers, Costume Designers, Art Directors, Still Photography, Illustrators, Producers and more.

Focus on your creative vision, while we streamline your production journey. Get access to a wealth of expertise and experience design to make productions more efficient and hassle-free.

If you have a project that needs an office in the Dominican Republic, bring it home.


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