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The making of music video Negro Caracol directed by Karla Read

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

As experimental enthusiasts amidst the pandemic we found great timing for creating with colleagues and thus Negro Caracol was born. Karla Read’s story was in need of a dynamic song that could carry the passion she imagined when writing this narrative. After searching for the right track, we reached out to Sotomayor and asked permission to use their song Menéate pa’ mi.

The result, an energetic audiovisual tour where we see a child playing, then little by little figures out what appears to be a dance, we see his steps for a few minutes and then we see how he coincides with random characters from the place that appear to lack self-awareness getting involved in socially embarrassing situations.

Enjoy some photos from our shoot and get immersed in the vibe- watch the full video here.


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