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We execute your vision or project.  With a database of experimented technical crews & artists, we facilitate and complement foreign projects produced in the Dominican Republic.


·Budgeting & Scheduling

·Location Scout prior to shoot.

·National Film Commission paperwork handling: project registration including

  insurance, accounting & banking needs, full knowledge of tax incentive law.

· All-around production services: pre-production, production & post-production for film, commercials, TV series, TV specials (reality), commercials, photo shoots, music videos. 


  • logistics   &  coordination

  • film permits

  • customs & temporary equipment entry in the DR

  • curated technical crew hiring

  • equipment rental (scout prior to shoot available)

  • casting

  • transportation & accommodation

  • catering services

  • accounting & legal services.

SEND US  your project over to estimate the cost in our country.

Production Services/Fixer
Production House

We are experimental enthusiasts.  


· Creative Consulting: pitch your project and we will scout the best team custom made for it.

· Concept creation for videos/commercials/short films/music videos/digital marketing campaigns.  We embrace the universe created by our talents and thus integrate connections, communications, conversations and community into our thinking and doing.

· Audiovisual content: we produce commercials, music videos, editorials, photo shoots, short films. This includes: budgeting, work schedule, location scout, casting, wardrobe, art direction and everything that this entails.

· Documentary & films: given our background as executive & associate producers for film, we are open to hearing about your project and seeing it through.

Celebrating expression comes natural to us, EMAIL US with your project.


We are presenting a new format, its sole purpose: to originate audiovisual compositions and nurture every talent’s individuality and growth.


For up and coming freelance artists of the audiovisual industry, Mare is a comprehensive platform on a mission to make possible their insertion in the creative international market through connections and positioning strategies that validate them as exportable & relevant entities.


MARE goes beyond just supporting and promoting their growth.  We are interested in all their forms of communication; either through a lens, storytelling, experiential expositions, murals or whichever format they choose to create, we become the vehicle. Our objective is to align their ever-changing, restless creativity to ideal projects by creating fertile fields of action and by being the ideal production nest for their projects to blossom. 

We're always curating new talent, if you are interested in joining us, SUBMIT your work.


Our multidisciplinary artists play with the concepts of duality, irony and poetry that characterize this island.  Scrolling through thin lines of stereotypes, subtleties & beauty, we present a selection that traces Caribbean idiosyncratic language through sublime codes naturalized in their work.

These talents stretch their disciplines and allow more space between one and the other, hence building a new set of boundaries with more freedom. 


Freedom from formats, freedom from thought, non adjacent to styles or paradigms, but presenting their own.


BOOK THE IDEAL ARTIST(S) and design  projects tailored made for you.

Talent Management
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